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Business Gifts New Zealand

What can business gifts do for a new zealand business?

Staff gifts: Business gifts can be used to motivate staff through recognition of their loyalty, acknowledgement of outstanding performance or simply celebrating overall business success.

Client gifts: New Zealand businesses use client gifts to help build relationships with clients that will ensure they remain your clients in the long term. This should be a key aim of any business when you compare the cost of client acquisition with the cost of maintaining an existing client.

In what ways are business gifts used for staff and clients?

Staff Gifts:

We have clients who use gifts in many different ways for their staff. One of our clients is a large employer in the insurance industry and they use gifts to recognise staff loyalty and service. We have put together a customised range at a price point for each level of service recognised and when the important anniversary is reached, the staff member receives a letter of acknowledgement and thanks from the employer plus a selection gift that enables them to choose a gift to suit them from the range available.

Other clients use gifts for monthly rewards. These gift are used to recognise staff performance in specific areas important to the business. Not only do staff receive the kudos of public recognition for their efforts and success, but they also receive a gift that demonstrates that the employer really values their contribution.

At christmas time or at times when a business reaches an important milestone, many new zealand businesses take the opportunity to say thanks to every one of their staff by giving them a gift. This might be something they can share with their family or a branded item that staff will use and value.

Client Gifts:

Business gifts can make your client feel good, they demonstrate that you appreciate the choice they have made to use your services or buy product from your business instead of your competitor.

Client gifts can be used to remember special events with your clients – imagine the impact on your client of receiving a gift from you for their birthday.

One idea is to target special milestone events in their relationship with your business. These could be when they have been your client for say two years or when they have reached a milestone level of spend with your business. This could be something they didn’t know about in advance or expect so there is a pure delight factor attached.

If the right gift is chosen this is an opportunity to get a permanent reminder of your business into the heart of your client workspace. Imagine organising a memorable experience for the client and having it photographed then providing a framed momento for the office wall. This could be a discussion point for your client for years.

A carefully thought out gift can differentiate your business at Christmas time. If you don’t choose wisely, the effort can be a waste of time as a poorly selected gift is compared with others, or lost in the Christmas rush. Cheap hampers and cheap wine might be easy, but don’t send the right message.

What are the benefits of adopting a business gift program for a new zealand business?

Demonstrate to staff in a very tangible way that you value the service they provide to your business and recognise special achievement

Retain customers over the long term – maximise lifetime value of your customers

Provide an opportunity for clients to talk about your business and create referrals

What gifts does erewards offer?

erewards will meet with you to discuss your requirements, your ideas and your budget. We will then offer a range of suggestions that could incorporate both experiential and physical gifts, we can also include ideas for gift selections that allow the recipient of the gift to have a degree of choice over what they receive.

The gifts we have available are very diverse both in range and price. We have very traditional gifts such as stylish pens, watches or turned wooden items, gift experiences such as weekend escapes, restaurant meals, or pamper sessions, modern items such as digital cameras, mp3 players or pedometers. Many of the gifts we offer can be provided at different price points depending on the quality and sophistication required, or simply based on the budget. We have literally thousands of gifts available and will source items to meet a particular client’s requirements.

If you need a programme that is event or occasion based throughout the year, we can manage this for you so that you can be assured the client will receive the gift on their birthday or anniversary as expected. These programmes are effective, but can be a hassle to maintain in a busy schedule.

We can deal with anything from one off requests needed on a one hour turnaround for last minute requirements to a large volume distribution to your full client base. We have great creative ideas that will ensure your clients are delighted with the gifts they receive.

Presentation is a key component of any gift and we have a wide range of presentation ideas to make your gift a hit – how about a Christmas cracker containing a voucher for a fishing trip, a hand painted ceramic pot containing a Christmas cake, a live native tree in a box, a selection gift that allows them to choose their gift from a range of 15 different options. These are just a few ideas – we prefer to make suggestions based on your particular needs and budget.

erewards literally has 1000s of gifts available to suit every requirement. In order to give you a taste of what we offer, here is a small sample of our gifts grouped by price:

Gifts up to $50
Gifts $51 – $100
Gifts over $100

Why is erewards the best supplier for business gifts in New Zealand?

Our HUGE selection means there is definitely something available in our range to meet your requirements.

Our fabulous range of gifts is unique and designed to attract the attention of your customers and staff to make them feel special.

We can source gifts to meet your very special requirements from our suppliers if necessary.

Presentation is important and we can offer many presentation and branding options or gift wrapping service if required.

We will supply fabulous gifts on budget and on time.

How do I find out more about New Zealand business gifts?

This page should give you a taste of what we have to offer. Use the contact form to give us some details of your requirements (numbers, purpose, budget) and we will get back to you with some specific suggestions for your business gifts. You can call us on 0800 200 204 or click here to email us.