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New Zealand Marketing Incentives and Rewards

How does a business inject more interest and achieve better results from NZ marketing efforts?

Consider carefully your target audience and offer them marketing incentives or rewards that they will aspire to. Care and attention is required to ensure rewards motivate spending behaviour – they need to be current, relevant and valuable from your audiences perspective.

Your experience will tell you that the structure of a promotion and the way it is presented and reinforced can significantly influence the outcome. Your clients need to be captured by the campaign (consider asking them to sign up for it), motivated to respond to the offer (through their purchasing behaviour), and the results need to be measured so you can assess what was successful and what was not. In this way successive campaigns can leapfrog the performance of previous campaigns.

Carefully managed campaigns with clear goals and targets are essential to get best value for your marketing spend.

Work with a reward specialist to save yourself the hassle of thinking up new ideas. Time constraints often mean you just end up rehashing the old ones that might not have worked as well as they could.

Use current technology to create marketing campaigns that will attract the interest and motivate your target audience.

What are the benefits of using powerful incentives or rewards in your new zealand marketing campaign?

  • Make your offer stand out from competitors
  • Keep existing clients interested by motivating them with new and interesting incentives
  • Support the launch of new products or services or encourage customers to try a new concept
  • Increase sales without discounting
  • Draw more attention to your company and build brand awareness
  • Reduce the impact of seasonal fluctuations in demand
  • Build a database of information to better target future marketing initiatives

What types of incentives does erewards offer that will support your marketing campaigns?

erewards offers both experiential incentives and physical rewards throughout new zealand. A tandem skydive or the opportunity to drive a race car on a race track are likely to be very motivating to young males in their early 20s, but much less so to females in the 40-plus demographic. However the pampering treats and weekend escape packages we offer might have better appeal. We can offer large volume low cost items with branding or low volume high cost items from a very diverse range of ideas. We will have something to suit new zealand marketing incentive requirements.

If you have your campaign already designed and you simply need some interesting and motivating rewards that are relevant to your target audience and match your budget, then we can help. We will listen carefully to your ideas and gain an understanding of your requirements to provide effective suggestions that fit the theme of your campaign.

How can erewards assist with new zealand marketing incentives and rewards?

erewards has a broad range of rewards and incentives currently available throughout new zealand so we are in a position to quickly provide rewards and incentives relevant to your marketing campaign. Often these campaigns are put together in a less than optimal timeframe, but we are in a position to respond quickly to your request and provide you not only with suggestions, but also the images and marketing copy you will probably need.

If required erewards is able to provide a complete package for a marketing campaign. This might include working with you to set goals and targets, surveying your target audience and prospects to gain a better understanding of what will motivate them, develop a concept and mock-up for the campaign then organise the printing and campaign launch. We can also handle database capture of information, analysis and reward fulfilment service.

Internet based new zealand marketing campaigns

Some current consumer campaigns have adopted a tactic of getting consumers of their product to register their purchase on a purpose designed website after registering for the promotion. erewards has developed the technology to allow your business to adopt this type of campaign relatively cheaply. The basic structure can be adapted quite quickly to meet the needs of your particular style of campaign. If you are planning an internet based reward promotion you should talk to us about it.

Why is erewards the best partner for new zealand marketing incentives and rewards?

Our fabulous range of incentives and rewards for your new zealand marketing campaign is unique, designed to attract the attention of your target audience and motivate their purchasing behaviour. We are able to offer well targeted suggestions for incentives and rewards in a prompt and efficient manner.

We have the technology available to support your marketing campaign whether it be a web based approach or more traditional campaign.

erewards has the experience and resources including high resolution imagery, descriptive copy and technology to make your job easy.

You will benefit from the experience and technology we have developed through working with our clients since 2000 to make your new zealand marketing campaign a success.

How do I find out more about the prizes and rewards available for competitions and marketing campaigns?

Use the contact form to give us your contact details so we can organise a time to get together with you. You can call us on 0800 200 204 or click here to email us.