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Staff Activities and Team Building Events New Zealand

How important are staff activities and team building for business?

Staff activities provide an opportunity for people to get to know each other better in a relaxed environment. The benefit for your business is that it shows staff that you appreciate their efforts, it also allows you the opportunity to see aspects of individual’s personality that you might not otherwise see in a work environment. Many of our clients organise staff events because they just want their staff to have a little fun together. Research shows that happy staff perform better, feel part of the work community and provide better service to customers. The bottom line is increased turnover for your business.

Staff events provide an opportunity for people to be brought together in different groups to that they normally work in, and to meet with people who they might work with through electronic communications but not actually meet in person.

Staff of New Zealand businesses are increasingly looking for “Fun” as an element of their workplace and a motivator of their loyalty and performance. Regular staff activities can add fun and provide opportunities to relieve some of the pressures normally found at work.

More formal team building and group development activities, as well as having the key ingredient of fun, focus more on building communication and interpersonal relationships than does a team bonding activity where the shared experience is what counts. erewards offers team building activities that can bring a focus to develop or highlight different aspects of successful team behaviour.

What are the benefits of staff activities and team building events?

Create Fun associated with work – a key factor for successful employers

Happy staff perform better and want to stay = better customer service

Build rapport, communication and a joint sense of mission in your teams to make them more effective

Show staff they are valued and increase staff retention

What staff activities and team building events does erewards offer?

Activities can be customised to suit your group size and budget, plus take account of whether the emphasis is more on fun or some aspect of building a successful team. Some activities are weather dependant so the time of year can influence what we would recommend.

If you want a customised event for a particular purpose, we will discuss your ideas and budget, then build an event to suit. You can relax and be assured that we take care of the fine details and we only work with top quality providers.

One of the challenges for staff activities in new zealand business is to find events that everyone will consider fun, particularly in workplaces where the mix of employees is very diverse in age or physical ability.

Here are a few examples of staff activities. Click on the activity name to have a look at some more detail and to get an idea of cost.

Why choose erewards for your staff activities and events?

We offer a great range of staff activities and team building events in Auckland and other main centres around New Zealand

Our events are priced competitively and we take the responsibility of making them work to meet your requirements

How do I find out more about new zealand staff activities and events?

This page should give you a taste of what we have to offer. Use the contact form to give us some details of your staff group (numbers, dates, budget, and how active you want to be) and we will get back to you with some specific suggestions for your staff event. You can call us on 0800 200 204 or click here to email us.